How Eco-Friendly Packaging helps our Environment!

How Eco-Friendly Packaging helps our Environment!

I'll be honest, in the past I never paid attention to how I received my package through mail. I would quickly open my package, discard it directly to the trash and enjoy my delivered item. After a while it began to feel horrible like I was being wasteful.

Well, my friends, if you feel like me and want to protect our planet check this out: Dayleef is now featuring Eco-Friendly packaging! Allow me to assist you in  helping our environment, all while making shopping fun, caring, mindful!

Allow me to introduce myself and tell you about me and my business....

Hi there Im Yesenia Lynae!

This is the year I'm finally opening up my own e-commerce shop! A little shop, filled with unique and fun items. Bringing you and your child joy in your daily lifestyle from comfy stylish clothes to fun play items.

I am a loving, creative and motivated mother. As a mother of three toddlers and a stay at home momma, I'm seeking to create a community of parents, mothers, fathers, and great people who feel as I do. We need to look out for one another! And that's exactly why we started Dayleef Kids, to allow us to connect!

Through our blogs, social media and shop you will learn more about who Dayleef is and how we can help you and your family! 

Now please hang with me, this post isn't about just me but US.

At Dayleef, we want to do more and aim for great things all around US. We spent months working on the best ways we could provide our services to you. One way we show our love and appreciation to you is by making sure your unboxing experience is awesome!

As we continued to do research, we came to realize how many packages would end up in the trash shortly after being received (guilty). We also found out that many packages are not properly recycled.

As a result, many of these packages end up in landfills, where they take YEARS or even decades to break down (especially with plastics). 

For this purpose, we are focused on what's important to you and how we as a community can help our environment while enjoying our unboxing experience.

We send your gifts in beautiful floral print biodegradable mailers! These bags are 100% recyclable, so these mailer bags will break down into carbon dioxide, water and biomass. This leaves zero waste behind, even if they found their way into our environment. How cool is that? This means they decompose naturally: Sunlight, air, water and everything natural works to break it down back into soil.

Along with our boxes, we secure your gifts with a beautifully designed tape that is also 100% recyclable! We use Plastic Free, Vegan Friendly tape from the UK! (Hi UK!)  After we secure your goodies, with much appreciation we stamp our Dayleef logo!

In fact, our hanging tags are Eco-Friendly too! Each tag is made with love by us using cardboard paper that comes with a string made out of 100% cotton. In other words, it is biodegradable too. 

Ultimately by supporting Eco-Friendly items we lead to carbon reduction and a stronger environment. Shopping should be easy and fun, while being resourceful too. Let's make an impact on the environment together!

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